HOA/Property Manager Representation:

Serving Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The homeowners community and condominium association lawyers at Grande Law represent industry leaders who focus on working with these associations on the collection of delinquent accounts, enforcement and interpretation of the covenants and restrictions, pursuit of construction defect and warranty claims, and negotiation of contracts for the provision of services.

The firm’s community association lawyers provide a wide range of services geared specifically for community associations and condominium associations, including:

  • Interpretation of Association Governing Documents
  • Preparation of Amendments to Association Governing Documents
  • Enforcement of Association Governing Documents
  • Applicability of Division of Condominium Regulations and State Law to Operation of Association
  • Legal Counsel on all day-to-day Operational Decisions of the Association
  • Collection and Enforcement of Association Assessments
  • Lien and Foreclosure of Past Due Assessments
  • Drafting and Negotiation of Service Provider Contracts
  • Preparation of Meeting Packages for Annual and Other Meetings
  • Attendance At and Legal Counsel Regarding Elections of Directors
  • Legal Counsel to Ad-Hoc Owner’s Committees Prior to Turnover
  • Preparation For and Attendance at Association Turnover Meetings
  • Construction Defect Claims
  • Pursuit of Statutory and Other Construction Warranty Claims
  • Review and Negotiation of Loan/Line of Credit Documents
  • Community Association Administration and Operations
  • Review of short sale packages